Where Faith is Rewarded

“Seven\"- My husband believes this numeral to be lucky. His birth date adds up to seven. The date that marks his first day at work also adds up to the number seven. He was rewarded with a promotion at work on the twenty -seventh. Our house number is 107.

Synergy of three – the test tube baby

I could identify myself with ‘visalam’, the protagonist of ‘Annamalai’, the TV serial made by RadanTV. Biologically, she has no children of her own. Yet, in her brother-in-law and sister-in-law, she found and cherished the children she never had. Similarly,…

Paradise within your reach

A child’s presence is a fulfilling experience. As a young girl, I loved to spend time with my neighbors’ children and I have always dreamed of having kids someday. I loved my nieces and nephews dearly but they weren’t around…

Home away from home

We had achieved the 25th year of our married life – we were celebrating our Silver Jubilee wedding anniversary. But there was nothing to celebrate, for we were childless. Since the medical facilities were wanting in Andhra Pradesh, for three…