Try, try and you will succeed

\"ggIt’s a dream of every woman to marry and have children. My family members were very much worried as I have crossed 30 years of age and still being single. When I finally tied the knot with a person, who was working in the police department, my family members were overjoyed that my future is now secure. The nuptial night is one of the best moments to be cherished as a newlywed. As far as I am concerned, that the special night was the first and last time, I have experienced the bliss of matrimony. All the days that followed were filled with agony. I would get beaten up and kicked regularly. My life literally turned into a battlefield. I have been forced to leave my in-laws house at regular intervals.

One fine day, I decided that it’s enough and I’m done being a victim of physical violence. Finally, I left my husband and returned to my maternal home. During this period, I happen to watch a television program in which Dr. Kamala Selvaraj was being interviewed. I decided to become a mother despite the fact that my marriage is over. I went to GG Hospital. For about six months, I didn’t get the opportunity to meet her. However, I was confident that once I get a chance to meet her and tell my story, she would definitely help me achieve what I wanted to become. My efforts and faith did not go in vain. On hearing my plight, Dr. Kamala Selvaraj fixed a date to begin the treatment within the span of 15 days. I would never forget the day, when I regained all my hopes and dreams. After examining me, she initiated the treatment that involved fertilizing my egg with that of a donor sperm.

The moment she discovered that I was pregnant, she was very much excited to inform me but I could hear nothing. When everyone in the hospital rushed to congratulate me, I was overwhelmed with joy. Accustomed as I was to misfortune, when the angel of fortune came visiting, in the person of Dr. Kamala, I was utterly unprepared. My life turned out to be a living example of the saying ‘When God shuts one door, he opens another’. During the seventh month of my pregnancy, my mother invited our family and friends to my baby shower. I sent an invite to my husband but he didn’t turn up. Maybe he felt guilty that he couldn’t give  me what Dr. Kamala had so generously showered upon me. When the baby arrived, I named him Ganesh Balaji, which means the remover of obstacles and the giver of boons. Today, he is a district–level yoga champion. He wins several awards and prizes at school. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Kamala Selvaraj for giving me a reason to live and remain focused on life.