Paradise within your reach

A child’s presence is a fulfilling experience. As a young girl, I loved to spend time with my neighbors’ children and I have always dreamed of having kids someday. I loved my nieces and nephews dearly but they weren’t around much to experience the happiness of raising kids. After my marriage, years rolled by with no child of my own, it was so depressing. My husband tried so much to cheer me up. He would arrange for medical consultations hoping that something positive will emerge to bring joy into our lives. Wherever we consulted a gynecologists, medications and treatments were prescribed, but no one ventured to examine the root cause thoroughly.

I was obstinately focused. I wanted a child of my own. My brother lavished more love and care on us and he was determined to find a way out of our problem. He brought me to GG Hospital. The tests results at GG detected that I had “Chocolate cysts”. Moreover, I was suggested to take treatment on wheezing problems prior to the actual treatment which took almost 3 years.

I would repeatedly question Dr. Kamala Selvaraj. “Will I ever have a baby?”. She would reply, “Yes, if you believe you can”. She wanted me to eliminate fear and doubt out of my mind but I continued to fret so much that it began to corrode my thinking. I have completely lost interest in life.

I was married to my aunt’s son. He is understanding and committed. Whenever the subject of having a baby cropped up, he would skillfully change the subject of conversation. He was so caring and sensitive to my yearning even though he was going through similar trauma. I would think, “Oh God, why are you doing this to such a wonderful person?”

The gloom disappeared one final day. I got pregnant. I relished every minute of this God-given experience but the happiness was short-lived. During the 7th month of pregnancy, I have been told that there was no discernible fetal heartbeat, I was anguished that I felt like my heart stopped right away. My husband was so distraught at the very thought of being deprived.

I came out of my depression only when I learned that I was pregnant again. This time I did not want to take any chances – I stayed near GG hospital till I delivered the baby. It was the most beautiful moment in my life. Finally, I got the chance to hold my baby in my arms, which I was longing for. After being aware of my successful delivery through observation, my sister- in-law consulted GG hospital for her treatment.

The striking factor about this place is that you are treated as a holistic human being who has fears, aspirations, emotions and quirks. So, one would never feel this is a hospital. Our confidence gets boosts up just by seeing the couples, who once yearned for a child; walks out with their newborn baby. There are so many hospitals where they treat the patients, not even considering their mental status. But here at GG Hospital, the doctors and the clinical staffs prioritize mental and emotional status of the patients apart from the clinical treatment. They are never tired of this. The most important part is their determination to help you conceive a child. Doctors and nurses are always around, whenever you need them.

Those who approach the hospital for treatment should have patience, perseverance, faith and a mindset to follow the doctor’s instructions strictly. They guarantee you to achieve the results.

I gave birth to a baby boy and my sister-in-law delivered a female baby. I underwent treatment here for about 10 years, while it took my sister-in- law eight years.

Today, my son is well versed in recitation, reading, and math- yet; he hasn’t begun his schooling! My heart is full of love and compassion for him. It is astonishing to see what science can make possible for people like me! I would like to say to those who crave to become a mother, not to be superstitious. Just by going round and round the Arasamaram, you cannot conceive a child – you have to seek scientific help. And please remember, everything becomes possible with patience, faith, and perseverance.