Home away from home

We had achieved the 25th year of our married life – we were celebrating our Silver Jubilee wedding anniversary. But there was nothing to celebrate, for we were childless.

Since the medical facilities were wanting in Andhra Pradesh, for three and a half years we were in and out of Chennai for treatment. We would stay in Pondy Bazaar. We were enrolled at a renowned medical center. Nothing happened. Should we abandon our endeavor?

We decided to try another avenue. We sought help from GG hospital. Dr. Kamala Selvaraj didn\’t know Telugu. We doesn\’t know English or Tamil. But she could read what went on inside our bodies. She understood our problem.

I have five brothers and three sisters. They all have children. Would we remain childless? This question had plagued us for years. Ten months later, my wife was pregnant. We prayed to Shirdi Sai Baba. When our son was born, we named him Sairam. Today, our son, the answer to our prayers, is ten years old. Science could communicate successfully despite barriers of race, religion, and language. Compassion, Science, and love of children brought new meaning to our lives. That’s why GG is more than a hospital to us. It’s a home away from home.